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DCE RPC for Linux 2.0.30

NOTE: For DCE RPC only read on. For information on a full port of DCE 1.2.2 to Linux visit

In an effort to promote DCE and (more importantly) to provide for myself a DCE like development environment, I have ported the Public Domain DCE RPC 1.1 to Linux 2.0.30 and LinuxThreads.  Many thanks go to those who have made this possible.  See the included README files for more information.

You can download DCE-RPC-Linux-0.1.tar.gz from  It is 3,564,344 bytes in size.  BTW, --Standard Disclaimer-- while I hope you find this useful, I can not support it or be responsible for how you use it.

The original source code from which I have made this port is at with idl compiler portions taken from  You will also need LinuxThreads (latest release as of 8/21/97 is 0.6) and a compatible libc or glibc (mine is libc 5.4.33 which comes with the latest Slackware release.  DO NOT USE libc 5.3.12.)

Current Problems/Bugs:

Hopes for the future:

It would be nice if we could organize an effort to port ALL of DCE 1.2.2 to Linux (at least for non-commercial or development use).  I am not sure how the OSF will feel about this, but, the DCE 1.2.2 code is currently free for "internal use".  Among other things, this should promote DCE and DCE related sales by increasing the population of developers who are familar (and hopefully happy) with DCE programming.

Contact Information:  Let me know if this is helpful, and if you find/fix any bugs!  --Thanks!
Andrew L. Sandoval