Welcome to the FREE Online version of the 1839 Biblia Hebraica

For fellow students of the Hebrew Scriptures I am providing scanned images of an 1839 Biblia Hebraica.  Due to the size requirements of scanned documents, limited bandwidth, and limited disk space only a portion of this book is available at this time.  THANKS TO AT&T and their new DjVu Image Compression Technology I will be able to share most if not all of this book.

In order to view this ONLINE BOOK you must install the DjVu plug-in.  It is provided free of charge from AT&T.  Best of all it is provided on most *Unix* platforms including Linux, as well as Windows!  I personally recommend the use of a Netscape browser, but, the DjVu Plug-in is available for IE.

Read all about the DjVu Technology at http://www.djvu.org.  Among the great features that inticed the use of DjVu for this book:
1)  Extremely small files that load quickly
2)  The ability to print images
3)  The ability to ZOOM to the perfect size for reading
4)  Support for Linux and other Unix based Operating Systems for Viewing and Compression
5)  A license agreement that allows me to share this book without charging and without being charged (other than web hosting fees and the cost of the book)

Kudos to the folks at AT&T

Enjoy the Hebrew Scriptures!

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