The Interactive 1839 Biblia Hebraica

Status:  Volunteer needed to provide the voice behind the Interactive Biblia Hebraica.

At the moment the Interactive 1839 Biblia Hebraica page is lacking audio clips.  If you speak Hebrew confidently and are willing to volunteer your voice please e-mail me at  In order to view the Interactive 1839 Biblia Hebraica page you will need to have the AT&T DjVu plug-in installed.  NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT to look at the page with a Windows based browser unless you have version 2.0.6 or later of the AT&T DjVu plug-in.  Previous versions will crash your browser.  On other platforms a 2.0 or later version that supports several hyper-links in a document will work fine.

Currently the page is only a copy of Genesis 1 from the 1839 Biblia Hebraica with DjVu hyper-links to MP3 (MPEG-1 layer 3) audio files.  A volunteer is needed to provide audio clips from which I will generate the mp3 files needed to complete the application.  By volunteering your voice to this project you will be blessing the hundreds of visitors to this site each month who are anxious to learn Biblical Hebrew.  What better place to start than by hearing an expert read Genesis 1 while the learner reads along.  As a new student of Biblical Hebrew one of the most difficult challenges to face is the lack of self-paced learning tools where the student can both hear and see the new language, thereby gaining confidence in pronunciation.

If you are aware of someone who is willing to donate their voice to this application please ask them to participate by sending me e-mail.  It is crucial that the audio files used are free of copyright as this application is designed to help anyone who is interested.  It is also critical that the volunteer agree with the motives and purpose behind this page even if they do not agree with the supplimental information on the site. is not a business and there has been no financial gain to date by the site.  Our goal is simple.  We seek to provide tools and information to students of Hebrew, particularly students of religion.  We are openly biased towards absolute truth. is built on the principles of Christianity as taught by the Savior Jesus Christ and by His Apostles and Prophets, including the Prophet Joseph Smith.  We do not subscribe to the doctrines of Hellenism, Greek Philosophy or other systems of belief that are contrary to the teachings of the Great Jehovah from before the foundation of the world.  If you are uncomfortable with true Christianity as outlined on this site please consider your decision to volunteer before hand.

If you are here to learn and the links contained in the Interactive 1839 Biblia Hebraica do not work yet, please come and visit the page again soon.  In the mean time enjoy the 1839 Biblia Hebraica and the Hebrew Aleph-Beth Flash Cards.  --Andrew Sandoval

Page last updated: 23 August 1999

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