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mpegrec-1.0.src.tar.gz 42 kb 24-Feb-2000 23:55
mpegrec-1.0.src+bin.win32.tar.gz 80 kb 03-Mar-2000 01:05
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24-Apr-2003 **NEW**

What is mpegrec?

mpegrec is a FREE, Open Source command-line tool for recording audio on Windows and Linux.  It may be used to record direct-to-disk WAV files, and MP3 files.  MP3 encoding requires an external MP3 encoder such as the 'lame' encoder.  Other encoders can be used with minimal changes to the source code.

Unlike other WAV recorders available online, mpegrec is free -- even on Windows.  (MP3 encoding may require a licensed encoder.) The command-line inteface is easy to use -- easy enough you will not miss a silly GUI.  If you have an audio card capable of hardware-mpeg encoding, mpegrec for Windows can utilize the cards features for direct-to-disk MP3 recording.

NOTE:  mpegrec on Linux is slightly dated and may require porting to newer kernels.  If you port mpegrec feel free to share it in accordance with the GNU GPL license.  If you can make the package small enough, I will consider posting it here.

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